About us

My name is Kati van der Hoeven (Lepisto). I am a former super-model whose career was cut short at age 20 (1995) due to a stroke (brain infarct.) 

As a result of the stroke, I have Locked-In syndrome, which means that I am almost completely paralyzed. I cannot move my tongue either, which means; that I cannot speak either; I talk with my eyes. 

Despite not being able to move or talk, I still am a model, blogger, speaker, and published author. My autobiography, ‘Living Underwater,’ is available on Amazon. 

After the stroke, I was deeply depressed, and I only wanted to die. One of the most common questions that I always get is, ‘how did you manage to get out of depression?’

First, writing about my life and my experiences, this serviced as a sort of (best) therapy and healed my soul. Second, fixing myself up every morning so I looked decent, and to lift my spirit. 

I want to help others to get through their hard times and depression. With my book and blogs, I try to help them heal their souls. And, with this shop, I want to contribute to lifting their spirits. 

In Style By Kati, offers beautiful and top quality items at an reasonable price. So, every woman can enhance themselves and feel good about who they are despite any circumstances. 

Kati van der Hoeven 

You can find out more about me from my website; katilepisto.fi/en